Care & Concern

Circumstances in life can change quickly and unexpectedly.
God created the church to help one another in times like this.
The Oaks Care & Concern Team serves people and their families within the church during special seasons in life when they need it most.

The Care & Concern Team specializes in showing Jesus' love to His church in practical ways like

    * Meals and/or light housekeeping.
    * Visitations, encouragement, and assistance to those
      hospitalized, confined to their homes, or recovering from
      illness, injury, or bereavement.
    * Short-term home services, such as handyman or yard

If God has granted you a gift of mercy, and you feel compassion for those with hardships, this ministry needs you. Let us know how you would like to get started in the practical ministry of love to which Jesus calls us.

Some ideas:

    * Running errands
    * Providing meals
    * Delivering meals
    * Provide transportation
    * Visitations
    * Notes of Encouragement

If you have a need, or to experience the blessing of serving
others in need, contact the Care & Concern Coordinator here.